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A surprising wedding gift

Filou Strekenbier


Following Belgian tradition, it took months and months of negotiations before the Flemish government parties could finally reach to an agreement. In political terms, this agreement had been widely described in the media as "the marriage of the Flemish government". So together with beer brand ‘Filou’, which is the Dutch word for “pranker”, we came up with the perfect gift for the newly-weds. In another widely-used Belgian tradition, the home of newly-weds is barred with beer crates so they cannot get in after their wedding night. So, just before sunrise, we went to the doorstep of the Flemish Parliament and left a giant wall of Filou crates, containing 9600 bottles of beer. Our gift wasn’t welcomed at first by the military police, but luckily there were some politicians with better taste. Taste for beer that is.

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Client Filou Strekenbier