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Pub with no beer


café zonder volk

During the second covid lockdown in Belgium, restaurants and bars are one of the hardest hit sectors. To draw attention to their dire situation, we made a video remake of legendary singer Bobbejaan Schoepen's sing-along "Pub with no beer". In this remake Bobbejaan trades places with Guy Schulpen, owner of Antwerp pub ‘Café De Kat’. In the campaign video he's supported by 21 well-and lesser-known bar and restaurant owners, including Michelin chefs Sergio Herman (Le Pristine), Olly Deceulenaere (Public) and Marcelo Ballardin (Oak). The song may grab you by the throat, the campaign mainly aims to convey a positive message: guide your favorite bar or restaurant through the crisis by showing them a tasteful gesture.

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Client Swave