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Home Stadium

No BOOOO, no GOAAAL!! Due to Covid19, for the first time in history, sports will be played without the public in attendance. Clubs and athletes are reluctant to entertain the idea of going from stadiums filled with fans, to stadiums filled with silence because of the diminished atmosphere. To turn this silence into talk of the town -we know, it sounds contradictory- we came up with a mobile application that offers fans at home a real stadium experience and interaction with the game. The innovative app called ‘Home Stadium’ enables fans to transmit live audio, short video and/or text messages from their living room live to the audio systems and led screens of any stadium. Meanwhile, sponsors of the playing teams get the opportunity to advertise tailored content, Q&A’s and other fun stuff. The concept turned heads and newspaper pages and is being reviewed by different potential partners in order of completion. 

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Client Belgian Football Clubs