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End credits without ending

DPG Media Geronimo Helden Van Hier

End credits

In the reality series ‘Local Heroes: Corona’, production company Geronimo and national news channel VTM News followed health care providers, police forces, virologists and top politicians, working against the clock to ensure the safe enforcement and restart of Belgium. Where the closing credits of a series normally only consist of actors, sponsors and producers, together with TV channel VTM we created a unique credit list with the name of every single frontliner of the hospitals that appeared in the series. In addition, a website was opened on which every Belgian could register his or her personal lockdown hero. After the last episode of Local Heroes, VTM aired in prime time the whole credit list, with a total of over 10.000 names, supported by the song ‘heroes’ of David Bowie. Not only was this a world first, doing that, ‘local heroes’ also broke the world record of biggest credit list ever, till then owned by Iron Man 3 from 2015.

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