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The croky kicker cup


Croky kicker cup

The Belgian Cup, better known under its brand name “the Croky Cup” brings football closer to the people by not only including the nation’s first class teams in the race for glory and fame. To also give the match previews of this competition that same feeling, we created “The Croky Kicker Cup”. One week prior to the real quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, two ex-players and two current players from each club met. Not around a studio table, but a kicker table. Not surrounded by studio materials, but by real fans and genuine Belgian pub atmosphere. They played, laughed, talked about the upcoming game … and secretly drank a beer or two when no one was watching. The web series quickly became a hot topic on the nation’s most watched online newspaper HLN while clubs aired the webisodes on the stadium screens, prior to the game.

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Client Croky