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COVID vaccin in a beer?

Filou Strekenbier

Van Ranst

During the last weeks of January, a lot of beer-loving Belgians ventilated their negative thoughts about the ongoing closure of the catering industry on social media. At the same time they had very few good words for the vaccination strategy of the Belgian government. But a world in which we can enjoy a beer on a sunny terrace while being vaccinated, that's a dream world, right? Filou, Belgians “strekenbier”, famous for his pranks, caught up on the news and set out to test how hard people would believe in a beer vaccin. To make it even more credible, Marc Van Ranst, chief virologist of Belgium, also joined the marketing stunt.  A reporter, crew, and Van Ranst visited a weekly market in the West-Flemish village 'Izegem' to present Filou's newly developed “beer vaccin” to the people. One by one people fell for Filou’s initiative, and even asked if it would also be made available for wine and Champagne. Clue: don't wait for a beer vaccin to happen, get vaccinated today and help the catering industry move forward. Van Ranst' visit to Izegem made headlines nationwide, and was a trending topic on Twitter for one day.


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Client Filou Strekenbier